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HBR Case SolutionElsewhere anonymous founders of colleges of self development appear endemic note case study answer traditions of case study solution Indian sub continent in this regard. The Greek philosopher Aristotle 384 BCE 322 BCE wrote Nicomachean Ethics, during which he described personal development as a class of phronesis or purposeful wisdom, where case study solution observe of virtues arte leads to eudaimonia,frequently translated as “happiness” but more accurately understood as “human flourishing” or “living well”. Aristotle keeps to have an effect on case study solution Western concept of personal development to today, especially in case study answer economics of human developmentand in constructive psychology. In Chinese culture, Confucius around 551 BCE 479 BCE headquartered an ongoing philosophy. His ideas proceed to affect family values, schooling and control in China and East Asia. In his Great Learning Confucius wrote:The ancients who wished let’s say illustrious virtue across case study solution kingdom first ordered well their very own states.