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An epic struggle looms. It will radically change daily life as profoundly as cars did in case study answer 20th century: reinventing transport and reshaping cities, while also dramatically reducing road deaths and pollutants. In case study answer short term Uber is in pole position to steer case study answer revolution because of its dominance of chauffeured ride hailing, part of case study solution shipping market that will see a few of case study answer fastest growth. Today ride hailing money owed for only 4% of all kilometres driven globally, but that may rise to greater than 25% by 2030, in accordance with Morgan Stanley, a bank. The capability to summon a car using a smartphone doesn’t just make it easy for americans to book a less expensive taxi. Ride sharing facilities like UberPool, which put travellers heading in case study answer same course into one car, blur case study answer barriers between inner most and public shipping. It is a superb idea to decouple DOM manipulation from app logic. This dramatically improves case study answer testability of case study solution code. It is a really, good idea to regard app checking out as equal in importance to app writing. Testing issue is dramatically affected by case study answer way case study solution code is established. It is an excellent idea to decouple case study solution client side of an app from case study answer server side. This allows development work to progress in parallel, and enables reuse of both sides.