Case Study Problem And Solution

In a letter addressed to National Biodiversity Board NBD last month, case study solution State Government wrote, Monsanto, a US based multinational seed giant, has built herbicide tolerant trait BG III and commercialised it as Round up Ready Flex RRF in USA. It also intended to commercialise it everywhere including India and utilized for permission through its business accomplice Mahyco to Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee GEAC for commercial free up of case study answer new variety. Field trials were conducted but in the end case study solution software was withdrawn following turning out to be agitations in case study answer country in opposition t genetically modified GM crops. It is learnt that Mahyco had conducted field trials of several Bt cotton hybrids/forms containing RRF trait, case study answer letter said adding that case study solution unapproved RRF trait, however, got released into case study answer atmosphere either intentionally or by chance. The sources stated that Monsanto had officially denied leaking it in India and indicated that smaller seed agencies could have sneaked it in from China. The herbicide tolerant Bt cotton seed is being sold interestingly as unbranded variety with case study solution promise of higher yield than BG II kind.